English sad love qoutes 5

for sale: ONE HEART. horrible condition. will take anything for it. PLEASE: just cut it out my chest and end this suffering.

A bitter truth: if someone can't stop doing things that you don't want them to do. i only means that they love those things more than they love you.

i want someone who loves me when i'm around. and loves me MORE when i'm not.

sometimes, you don't have to hate someone for hurting you. and it's not proper to be bitter either. and the truth is, it's really a common mistake among us individuals. for we live with our expectations. we oblige others to love us back. for in the first place, we don't have the RIGHT. IT HURTS WHEN IT SOUNDS SO RIGHT. but that's life after all. ACCEPTANCE. and most of all, RESPECT.

why do we sleep in church but stay awake through a two hour movie? why is it so hard to talk about God but it's so easy to gossip? why is it so easy to ignore a Godly text message but resend the nasty ones? think about it, are you going to send this to your friends? or are you going to ignore this because you think you'll get laughed at? Jesus said: "If you deny Me infront of your friends, I will deny you infront of My Father."

one of the nicest things in my life is my connection with you. and even if i don't have a lot of messages to send, i want you to know how much i treasure you!

"if everybody deserves a second chance, would it mean we also have the freedom to waste the first one?"

somewhere between heartaches and waiting, comes the chance to be found by someone who can show you that you don't have to be just an option.

he used to be so sweet. everything seemed so nice when we're together. but suddenly everything changed. now, do i miss him? NO. i miss the person whom i though he was.

"i'll let him go for now, but it doesn't mean that i don't love him anymore. i'm just thinking of what might happen. maybe tomorrow. someday, in the time that we both don't expect. we'll just meet and maybe. just maybe, it would be OUR time again."

where is the most romantic place in the world? sunset at the beach? candlelit restaurant? moviedate for two? for me, nothing beats the foot of the cross where the lover of my soul gave his life for a sinner like me.


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